Failure to Deliver

So, I know that I made a promise to update as much as possible, but i failed to keep my word for one simple reason. I FORGOT I HAD A BLOG!!!!!! I know it sounds strange but, i started writing this blog the same way i start everything. On a whim. So it didn’t really stick in the front of my mind and for that i apologize(pretending that there’s someone out there that actually reads this). So….

Nothing to exciting this week 😦 . While writing one of my recent essays for my summer comp and lit class, I have discovered that my talent for writing is not only limited to that of song composition, and have decided to try and publish one of my essays Woohoo!
i plan on watching tonight’s Heat vs Celtics game(go heat!) and have scheduled a 9-4pm session at the studio. The completion of my 1st mixtape draws near, and so does the arrival of my long awaited spot in stardom. Hopefully tomorrow offers some more excitement than today!!!!


A New Beginning

HEY ALL!!!  I am currently suffering from intense boredom, so i decided to add some variety into my life by starting a blog! 😀  I plan on updating as much as possible, and unless i become SEVERELY overworked, i intend on keeping my word

Background info:

I am 19 years old and currently an aspiring musician.  I spend every last dime chasing my dream, and live only to make the lives of those around me better.  I am in the middle of a summer English course (A average so far ;P) and start working on monday (need money to support the dream), and i plan on taking YOU (the reader) with me on my journey to stardom every step of the way!!!